Wrinkles removal

Wrinkles elimination - restore a natural look to your face

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process and body activities. Their formation, among other reasons, is caused by the flexibility of our face. When we frown using our forehead and nose, or we laugh, small skin cavities start to appear. They are mimic wrinkles. Although they cannot be avoided, they can be safely removed once they arise.Today’s aesthetic medicine offers great opportunities for non-invasive correction, especially within the face area which for many people is a signature. At our beauty clinic in Gdańsk, we can offer the removal of wrinkles in a various range of safe, modern and professional methods.

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To remove wrinkles between brows (so called “lion wrinkles”), and the transverse ones, that arise on the forehead, as well as the eye area wrinkles (“crow’s feet”), we propose botox. This method allows the wrinkles that result from muscle contractions to be corrected within few minutes. Botox loosens only those muscles that are responsible for the wrinkles – others remain unchanged. Botox can also be used as a preventive measure to avoid the problem of increasingly visible wrinkles in the future. As a result of the botox treatment, face mimic is not “frozen” and the wrinkles are effectively smoothed out.

Wrinkles removal is also possible by filling them with hyaluronic acid. In this case, no muscle is blocked. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, restores tissue volume and prevents skin aging. Simultaneously it stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. Hyaluronic acid is injected deep into the skin, and the effects can be noticed very quickly.

The alternative for the above treatments is laser facial resurfacing. This is another way to rejuvenate skin by using an EMERGE fractional laser beam. Invisible damage that arises on the skin activates the body to produce new collagen and elastin tissue. Removing wrinkles with this method also improves skin firmness and elasticity. There is nothing to fear about the effect – resurfacing does neither change face features, nor limits mimics.

Wrinkles removal is performed both for women and men. It is also possible to combine certain techniques. The recovery period is very short, and any swelling or other side effects disappear very quickly. We invite you to book a consultation and a treatment at our aesthetic medicine clinic in Gdańsk!