Stretch marks, scars – non-surgical treatments

Stretch marks, scars - non-surgical treatments

Stretch marks and scars are skin lesions that often cause complexes. Today their liquidation is no longer a problem. Fractional CO2 laser is a solution that allows a bloodless elimination of this problem. Removing stretch marks and scars with this modern device is based on creating microscopic skin damages that reach the dermis. The tissues are heated, but the treatment is completely safe and does not cause burns. In this way, the dermis is regenerated. As a result, the wounds heal again, but this time the old tissue is replaced by a new, healthy one. We propose an attractive price for the scars and stretch marks elimination procedure. The effects of the treatments are visible very quickly.

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Scars removal

Fractional CO2 laser is a method of scar removal that we propose at our clinic. It can be used to atrophic acne scars, tattoos traces as well as in the case of surgical scars. They are a nightmare for many people, therefore our clinic in Gdańsk proposes to remove scarring through micro-scale damages of the skin. As a result of the inflammatory process, the skin is “mobilized” to rebuild and rapidly regenerate the tissue. By using CO2 fractional laser, scars – as a result of subsequent treatments (their number depends on the deepth of the changes) – become shallow and less noticeable. In addition to laser scar removal, we also offer microdermabrasion or photorejuvenation – treatments that can enhance the smoothing effect of the skin.

Stretch marks reduction

Convex, unaesthetic stretch marks appear on the thighs, stomach, buttocks and breasts. They are caused by excessive stretching of the skin, which results in breaking of the collagen fibers network. Reasons can be different – pregnancy, rapid weight gain in a short time, genes. Removing stretch marks, which are also a form of scar, is not complicated and painful. Fractional CO2 laser is one of the methods often used in aesthetic medicine. In Gdańsk the stretch marks reduction is performed in our clinic every day. “Replacing” old skin with new, collagen remodeling is possible within a series of treatments – most often their number is 3-5. Stimulated skin is gradually smoothing out structurally and stretch marks are significantly less noticeable. The final number of treatments depends on how largestretch marks are.