Reducing cellulite

Reducing cellulite with mechanical massage

Creams and other cosmetics for the orange peel syndrome or slimming treatments will not give you the same effect as working on the skin itself. Endermology is our proposal for people who want to reduce cellulite. It is nothing more than a mechanical massage performed with constant pressure using a special head equipped with two rollers. Both rollers are moveable and work independently of each other. In addition to the rollers, the head has also a built-in suction chamber that sucks in the fold of the skin. The intensity of the pressure is always chosen individually – so that the treatment is not painful. Anti-cellulite massage usually takes about 40 minutes. The patient wears a special suit and the head of the device is not in direct contact with the skin. Repeatedly performed massage gives a visible effect.

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Endermologie – more effective than cosmetics

What is the phenomenon of endermologie based on? Cellulite reduction cosmetics do not penetrate all layers of the skin – so their effect is limited. Meanwhile, endermologie allows to reach the connective tissue, and thus more effectively reduce the orange peel. In addition to cellulite removal, it further smoothes the skin, effectively reducing stretch marks and scars. The advantage of this method is also the relaxation of tight muscles. One more goal is achieved – skin is tightened and the body is contoured. Kneading the skin in different directions results in its better condition. This non-invasive way to reduce cellulite is becoming increasingly popular and is also available in our clinic in Gdańsk.

Advantages for the body

Due to lower prices, endermologie is an increasingly popular and widely available treatment. It does not involve any recovery period or discomfort for the patient. Some of the contraindications are: varicose veins, angiomas, lipomas, skin lesions resulting from various diseases, pregnancy. What are the benefits of endermologie? The first one is certainly cellulite removal. But not only. It is also a lymphatic massage, which helps the body get rid of toxins and improve blood supply within tissues. Endermologie is also a perfect way to remove body fat. The silhouette is modeled in the required areas. During the treatment, collagen and elastin are stimulated. Furthermore, mechanical massage controlled by a computer gives an opportunity to relax.