Photorejuvenation - a way to prevent skin aging

The progressing aging of the skin, the loss of firmness or the appearance of skin flabbyness can be reduced by innovative aesthetic medicine methods. Alma Harmony Baby Rejuve treatments are our proposition for patients who are interested in photorejuvenation. Our modern equipment helps improve the aesthetics not only of the face but also of the whole body. IPL technology with a pulsed light source is applied. During radiation it affects hemoglobin (red blood pigment) and melanin (skin pigment). Photorejuvenation with laser allows to reduce broken blood vessels, erythema, rosacea, angiomas, age spots that often appear on the neck and any other discoloration. Dermis is stimulated to regenerate itself by safe heating.

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Individual approach

Photorejuvenation treatments are performed safely with the use of the ultrasound gel. Light parameters are individually selected for each patient and the treatment area. After the treatment with the Alma Harmony Baby Rejuve laser, the skin is very reddened and swelling may last for up to a week. The skin is cooled immediately after the treatment for about 15 minutes, and later protected from the sun. We recommend to use daily cream with SPF 50. Skin inflammation, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, epilepsy or cancer are part of the treatment contraindications. Alma Harmony Baby Rejuve photorejuvenation is also not recommended for people with extensive tattoos, hypertension, pacemakers, hormonal imbalance and bleeding tendency.

Precise remedy for pigmentary and vascular changes

Alma Harmony Baby Rejuve allows you to get rid of various pigment and vascular changes very precisely. If you have one of them – we invite you to book photorejuvenation in Gdańsk. Our clinic is open for patients from the entire Tricity. Patients of all ages and needs visit us, and we approach each and every one in a professional and personal way. Visit us for a consultation! During a meeting with a specialist, you will find out what the problem is and how to fix it. Laser photorejuvenation gives in effect a healthier and youthful looking skin. The treatment is painless and it improves the color and texture of the skin. Take advantage of the modern technology and enjoy the younger look! Find out what the difference is before and after laser photorejuvenation!