Non-Ablative fractional laser

Non-Ablative fractional laser, Resurfacing

Laser face resurfacing is a perfect way to rejuvenate skin without the use of fillers or botox. This is a one of our clinic’s proposal. Overall improvement of skin condition is a result of small laser beam creating microscopic areas of damage within the skin, which stimulate collagen and elastin production. The treatment allows to improve skin at many levels. Fractional laser reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improves skin density, firms and softens skin, minimizes pores, smooths acne scars and improves skin texture.

The treatment does not affect facial features and mimicry. It is very popular among top movie celebrities. The results are spectacular!

Fractional non-ablative laser treats the skin without damaging the surface, which allows patients to return to normal activity immediately after the procedure – there is no recovery period.

In Gdańsk Beauty Clinic we use EMERGE fractional laser to treat the whole face and body area, depending on patient’s needs. The laser works perfect for loose eye skin area, which has no glands and therefore quickly dries out and becomes thinner. The treatment will help to improve density and smooth out eye area, as well as minimize crow’s feet. We also use the laser to treat neck, neckline and hands areas, which are mostly affected by the passing time.

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Scars and stretch marks reduction

In order to remove scars with fractional laser, we focus on individual skin zones and provide deep treatment of the skin layers. The laser beams are used to break down the skin tissue in small areas, triggering the reorganisation process and growth of new tissues. The scar becomes soft and after a few treatments it is completely replaced by a new tissue.

Fractional laser is a good choice for the treatment of acne scars, as well as caesarean section, burn and injury scars.

Stretch marks are another imperfection easily handled by the fractional laser. A few treatments will result in less deep and visible marks, even, healthy skin structure and skin tone. Stretch marks are fading and become invisible, the skin is firm and dense.

In case of post-pregnancy stomach, first treatment can be initiated shortly after the delivery and the results of using fractional laser to remove scars and stretch marks are noticed after just one treatment.

Due to the burning sensation during the treatment, for the patient’s comfort we apply a topical anesthetic cream.

We usually perform several (3-6) laser treatments every 2-4 weeks. The quantity and frequency of the treatments depend on the skin imperfection.

The first results of stretch marks reduction, scars removal etc. are visible within few days after the first procedure. After the last Fraxel treatment, the skin is in remodelling process for 3-4 months. It is time necessary to rebuild collagen in the skin.

  • aging signs : loose skin, lack of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration,
  • enlarged pores,
  • stretch marks,
  • postsurgical scars,
  • burn and injury scars,
  • discoloration : sunspots, post-inflammatory blemishes, post-pregnancy and hormonal blemishes.
  • sun exposure and active tanning during treatment process,
  • wounds and inflammation in the treated skin area,
  • use of retinoids products.

Our Beaury Clinic is located in Gdańsk. Here you can depend on a professional scars and stretch marks reduction, as well as other effective and safe procedures using fractional laser.