Non-invasive thermolifting

Non-invasive thermolifting (NIR)

NIR is an advanced technology used during a non-invasive skin thermolifting. NIR emits heat into the skin, shrinks the collagen and elastine fibers, stimulating fibroblasts to produce new fibres. The procedure triggers blood flow, which improves tissue nourishment and oxygenation.

The aim of the treatment is to increase skin tension, firmness, improve the face contour, brighten skin, reduce furrows and wrinkles, minimize enlarged pores. During the procedure we use olives and glycerine. Thermolifting treatment is recommended both for face, neck and neckline, as well as for hands.

We recommend a series of 6 treatments, each procedure every 3-4 weeks, followed by a consultation with our cosmetologist. Treat yourself with a painless, deep regeneration of collagen fibres.

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