Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid - beneficial skin treatments

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that binds water in the dermis. It can be safely used without prior skin tests. The acid is a component of the intracellular matrix of dermis in human skin.

Young skin has a sufficient hyaluronic acid quantity, which guarantees its elasticity and lack of wrinkles. With age, the amount of acid decreases. The most vulnerable to acid decerase are women aged 25 and over. Ladies who are under intensive diets are also subjected to this problem. At a later time, the skin gets old, loses the ability to bind water and stop wrinkles development. One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind about 250 molecules of water. Products based on hyaluronic acid are used to fill defects in the tissues and fill wrinkles, moisturize, revitalize and firm the skin, stimulate the regenerative processes and improve facial contours. Hyaluronic acid procedures represent a high percentage of all procedures used in aesthetic medicine.

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Mesotherapy – a way to introduce hyaluronic acid into the skin

The most popular way of introducing hyaluronic acid into the skin is mesotherapy with the use of hyaluronic acid in the form of crystalline, clear and plastic gel. It is applied with a thin needle to skin areas that develop age imperfections. The treatment is almost painless, therefore it is performed without anesthesia or with an anesthetic gel. It takes 30-40 minutes. Its task is to bind water and induce tissue swelling and tension as a result. This translates into wrinkles smoothing and improving the contour of the face. Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is absorbed gradually, the treatments have to be repeated two to three times a year. Hyaluronic acid is also used in lip enlargement, breast and nose correction and mesotherapy.

For the comfort of the patient, we apply a topical anesthetic cream beforehand.

How often can the treatment be performed?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that quickly breaks down. Therefore, to maintain the effects, the application of hyaluronic acid should be repeated. The durability of the effects depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and a number of factors such as age, skin condition, state of health and the skin area where the injection was applied. A lifestyle has also a big impact on the results maintenance. Factors such as frequent sunbathing, unhealthy diet, nicotine addiction, affect the presence of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

The quantity and density of hyaluronic acid depend on whether it is applied to mouth, wrinkles or used in mesotherapy.

Our clinic in Gdańsk is a perfect place to try safe hyaluronic acid treatments.

Contraindications for the treatment:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • tendency to hypertrophic scars,
  • active herpes,
  • acne.