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Body Shaping by Endermologie LPG

Massage is one of the oldest branches of medical art. It belongs to rehabilitation treatments. It covers the whole body or parts of it. It can be done manually or with the help of special devices. Endermology is a soft tissue massage with a special head equipped with two movable rollers that massage the folds of skin and subcutaneous tissue sucked into the head. Endermology has proved to be one of the most effective methods of combating cellulite, and at the same time it is the best method for comprehensive non-invasive treatment of connective tissue and body shaping. The originator and designer of the first device is the Frenchman Louis Paul Guitay. He himself subjected to several massages a week in order to accelerate the healing of scars, observed the manual massage technique and based on this he constructed a device performing the massage much faster than the hands of the masseur. In addition, he applied a vacuum to help lift the skin fold. Originally, the device was used to support the treatment of postoperative and post-accident scars. It also turned out to have a positive effect on cellulite treatment and reduction of excess fat

In 1986, the Enderrnoloqie technique was patented and is currently used mainly to combat cellulite, skin firming and smoothing, body shaping and so-called anti-aging therapy for the face, torso and limbs. This method uses two electronically controlled rollers located in an airtight chamber that work in conjunction with vacuum. A skin fold is created, rolled up by the first and unrolled by the second roller. The fold is massaged (rolled) in several directions by a self-propelled treatment head. In addition, the rollers move relative to each other. The process is supplemented by continuous or rhythmically varying negative pressure. The device is controlled by a microprocessor. The control panel provides data on the thickness of the skin fold and therapeutic parameters: speed and direction of rotation of the rollers, as well as the time and intensity of the treatment. the size of the heads The operation of the device is mechanical. It involves the use of smooth massage movements to improve lymph flow and unblock nodes.

The technique of surgery

The procedure lasts about 35 minutes and is performed initially twice, then once a week, in series from 14 to 20. During the procedure, the patient is dressed in a specially designed costume, called endermowear, in order to achieve better head slip and protect the skin from damage. Treatments are non-invasive and safe, they only support the body’s natural processes.

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