People who experience the problem of recurrent eczema know very well how unpleasant it is and to what extent it can affect life. Determining the cause of skin imperfections often takes years and the solutions do not deliver the expected results.

In order to address the difficult problems of acne skin, we would like to propose our original facial and back cleansing treatment created by our cosmetologist, Magda. The method we will remove any difficult skin lesions, such as blackheads, papular pustular acne, milia, etc.

The treatment is completely painless – at about 20/30 min prior toprocedure the skin is anesthetized with occlusive cream. The next step is manual skin cleansing. The final step of the treatment is the application of surface or medium medical peels (selected according to skin needs).

What happens to the skin after the cleansing?

After the treatment the peel penetrates all the places from which we have previously removed the retained content. On the second day following the treatment, skin begins to peel off. This process lasts for about a week, but it should be noted that this is a desquamation producing small flakes.

The skin is red, but only for the first few days. You can do makeup after 3 days.

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Contraindications for manual facial cleansing with medical peels are:

  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • skin cancer,
  • severe skin lesions,
  • active herpes,
  • allergic conditions,
  • erosions,
  • tendency to keloids,
  • trosacea.

Results of manual facial cleansing with medical peels are:

  • cleansed skin, removed blackheads and overgrown lesions,
  • fresh and delicate skin,
  • regulated activity of sebaceous glands,
  • improved absorption of active substances,
  • smooth and even skin surface.

We invite you to visit our Clinic and solve the problem of acne!