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Gdańsk Beauty Clinic invites you to take a virtual tour of our clinic

Gdańsk Beauty Clinic

The best aesthetic clinic in Pomerania region

Gdańsk Beauty Clinic is located in the most prestigious part of Gdańsk Old Town, by the bank of Motława river, in the modern BRABANK district.

We believe that the right choice of an aesthetic clinic is a guarantee of medical excellence and patient satisfaction. We are commited to building trust among our patients and helping them to achieve impeccable results within their appearance. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments and provides everyone who wishes to slow down the clock with the right choice of procedures.

Non-invasive medical and aesthetic treatments

At Gdańsk Beauty Clinic, we chave chosen to substitute invasive treatments with the non-invasive ones. Non-invasive medical and aesthetical treatments coupled with wellness approach is a strategy promoted by our clinic. Combining new technologies in the field of anti-aging and body slimmering, physical activity and diet recommended by our personal trainers and dieticians, under a supervison of an experienced doctor, we bring a complete care program. With such a comprehensive offer, each patient can not only improve skin texture, but also physical condition.

Tourist packages

We offer a special service and treatment packages for tourists visiting Gdańsk, as well as for everyone enjoying beauty care. Our packages include a visit in our luxurious apartment situated nearby the clinic, daily treatments, work-outs with a personal trainer in a nearby gym or by the seaside, free dietician assistance, under a supervision of a doctor. Visit the best aesthetic clinic in Pomerania and enjoy a complete beauty care and exceptional leisure time.

Beauty clinic for patients in and around Gdańsk

Gdańsk Beauty Clinic is ready and open. We invite all patients living in Gdańsk to visit our clinic, as well as patients from other regions of Pomerania.