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Skin disorders

During a lifetime the skin of most people begins to show more or less formations in the form of warts, nodules, fibromas and cherry angioma. Their numbers increase with age.

These changes are usually mild. They are mainly removed due to aesthetic reasons, especially if they are in visible places or can easily be irritated.

At Gdańsk Beauty Clinic, we eliminate these types of changes with the best possible methods. It could be:

  • laser evaporation,
  • electrocoagulation,
  • vascular laser.

Warts elimination

Warts, or skin lesions caused by papilloma virus, are an aesthetic problem for many people. They are not dangerous to health, but due to the ability to spread on the skin, they disfigure the look. There appear, among other parts, on the palms, in the intimate area, on the eyelids, on the skin of the face. Removing warts is quick and painless. At our clinic in Gdansk, we can propose their removal from every part of the body by modern surgical laser evaporation (with the use of electromagnetic waves). Due to the high precision of this device, the treatment is performed only on the part of the body where the wart is. Removing the warts with the laser is also bloodless with minimal risk of scarring.

Fibromas reduction

Fibromas are benign nodules that arise from muscle and joint tissue. They have a color similar to the color of the skin and usually appear on the neck, groin area or on arm and legs. They do not pose any threat to the body and are usually eliminated for aesthetic reasons. Removing fibromas is one of our clinic's proposals. Treatments are performed using a laser. Fibromas removal includes the use of laser beam, which is directed at a skin lesion. It is then absorbed by the extracellular and intracellular water. This is a bloodless and safe method for patients of all ages, excluding any complications. Removing fibromas is a procedure performed by specialized doctors from our clinic.

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