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GeneO™ GROUNDBREAKING SKIN CARE 3 IN 1: Exfoliation - Absorption - Oxygenation

Geneo™ is a revolutionary technology developed by Pollogen, which uses natural mechanisms of the body and provides simultaneously 3 effects:

  • exfoliation of the outer skin layer,
  • absorption of essential skin revitalizing components,
  • natural skin oxygenation from the inside.

The inspiration behind Geneo™ was hot springs, known for their oxygenating properties. By stimulating oxygenation Geneo™ causes a reaction called "Bohr effect", resulting in oxygen being sent to the treatment area of the body. Simultaneously it peels the skin, creating an ideal environment for the absorption of essential nutrients both during and after the treatment.

Treatment procedure and mechanism of Geneo™

As a result of combining on the skin surface Pollogen's patented Capsugen capsules and nutrient-rich gel, a chemical reaction develops. Geneo ™ initiates effective cleansing and exfoliation. Next, it produces countless small bubbles rich in CO2, which gently break on the skin surface. A CO2-rich environment results in a physiological response of the body called the "Bohr effect", which consists of:

  • sending blood rich in O2 to the skin treatment area,
  • increased blood flow in the capillaries,
  • increased metabolism of skin cells.
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